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BRICA Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

Pinned on August 29, 2013 at 3:41 pm by Laura Stephens

BRICA Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

When you’re a family on the go, kids and car seats can be hard on your car’s upholstery. The Seat Guardian helps you keep it looking like new. The Easy clean Grime guard fabric keeps dirt and spills off your seats and provides essential protection against compression of fabric or leather. Cookies, crackers and juice even stay off your floor with the spill and crumb catcher. With a sturdy, unique design and extra tall back panel, the Seat Guardian is built to last so you can use it with all of your car seats as your baby grows, from birth to eight years. Safety is our priority so the crash tested Dual Grip Traction technology helps prevent the car seat from unwanted movement to help keep your child’s seat in the proper position. The rear facing kick mat even helps you follow best safety practices by protecting your seats so you can keep your toddler in a rear facing seat longer.

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Jennifer Miller says:

Excellent for the OCD customer! We love these, we didn’t want the leather in our new car to be ruined. We have 2…one for under our infants car seat, and one for under our 5 year olds booster seat. These have full seat coverage, up the back (which folds in half-if necessary), down the front of the seat (which is awesome for protecting against muddy dirty shoes), and the actually seat part is very large. In our car (a Honda Pilot), we have the two seat protectors side by side, and they have to overlap to fit. Silly, but I love that this seat protector doesn’t have mesh pockets or pouches…those stretch and hold junk, which dive me nuts. I really love these, but I have not tried other seat protectors to compare.

Stephen Davis "Monsignor" says:

Leather Seats Say Thank You!! We are very happy with this solidly built seat protector. It stays well in place and holds-up well to the high-backed car seat of a 7 year old. Our daughter wiggles and pushes the seat around, has been known to slam sit and occasionally eats while this seat cover takes it all. The leather seats of our new car are very grateful.This unit installs easily and is convertible from rear facing seats to the tall forward facing to booster seats all while providing exceptional protection and a neutral yet stylish look. Overall very happy with this item!

Mark Twain says:

Toxic smell that won’t go away for days The product looks and feels sturdy and well designed except for one big problem: it has a very strong toxic odor. I tried leaving it out in the open for a few days but it lingers. I’m reluctant to put it so close to my babies.

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